I’m really happy to announce my most recent album, Austin, is now finally complete and available on all streaming services. The project is about two guys visiting this hipster wonderland for a weekend of music and reflection. Austin explores many of the problems faced by youngins leaving adolescence and entering the odyssey of adulthood.

I have a ton of people to thank for helping me to put this together. First off, thanks to Tyler Peterson for actually traveling with me on a whim, and spending 3 nights on the streets alone in Texas - Tyler also helped with many of the lyrics that made the final cut. He just put out his first EP as well, look up “Passing Comfort” by John Peterson on any streaming service! I also want to thank Zach Shapps for giving us the full Austin tour, so glad we had a Texan tour guide. Next I wanna thank my friend Guy Dupont for giving me nonstop advice on how to mix and record. For not only being an ear on mixing, but for also railing some gorgeous keys over “These Boys”, I wanna thank Adrian Duffey for his contributions. The final version was mastered by my extremely talented cousin, Jeff Lewis, go check his band Sun Parade for some awesome tunes. I also want to thank Shantala Mehta for the final cover art, and thanks to Bebe Landau for designing some custom art for the project as well! Last but not least, this entire project was recorded in my bedroom studio in Boston - I wanna thank my roomate Zach Tarab for tolerating my 1am mixing and consistent looping to nail down parts.

I am by no means a professional, so believe me when I say it’s not much. That being said, I did spend the better part of 3 months putting this together so I’m really proud of the final product. If it can make you feel a certain type of way at any moment, then I’m happy.