Open Mic Performances

My most recent musical work has been working on a new album, this time around in collaboration with my good friend Adrian Duffey.


This song is called Glacier, based on my trips to the national park this summer. I started work Summer 2019 while on my bike ride across America, where I had access to a mandolin and a lot of free time. This project I’ve been aiming to work on more duo pieces, where most of the track is carried out by two musicians. For this song in particular, the melody started as a mandolin riff we enjoyed, and then added in the more developed piano backing. I hope you enjoy!


This song was written in early 2019 while working on my studies in my second year at Northeastern. Once again, I collaborated with Adrian Duffey (keys) to make a two-piece track that combines a slippery walking bassline with rhythmic key hits. The song is about trust difficulties in relationships, and the loneliness of secrecy.