Concentration Game (iOS)


A very shallow dive into the gorgeous world of iOS develpment

Recently a friend of mine offered a free iMac from 2012. I’ve never owned any Mac products, and (am) currently employed as an Android Developer - but a free desktop is a free desktop. Immediately I fell in love with typing with the magic keyboard, and the UI of XCode development was simple to learn. Even after a fair number of Etre Checks to make sure the hardware was ready, it’s still a beast when it comes to development. Many people say ‘if you know Kotlin, you know Swift’- I do think the language has it’s quirks (as you’d expect from Apple), but as an Objective C framework it does a great job prettying up the ugly stuff.

The Course

This application pretty closely follows a Stanford iOS course I found for free on iTunes U. The lectures were awesome, and I think it helps pick up the foundations within a few hours.

The View Controller Class

Below is an example of just how simple Swift UI controlling is. Even though Kotlin is incredible, I can certainly understand the appeal of writing native iOS applications. I definitely do not think this will be my last iOS app.

Data Objects

Below are some of the simple objects associated with this game. It’s not surprising that Swift (given it’s close relationship to C) has its reflection of Structs. I found it to be particularly helpful with the Card and Theme objects. Thanks to Gists I’m able to show the same emojis used in my themes in the static examples below.



The game is currently working! I’ve added in 6 new themes, from which a random one will be chosen at the beginning of the new game. The flip counter resets with a new game. Next I’ll probably be adding some better Swift coding practices and support for adaptable layouts.

screen3 screen4

Stay tuned for more updates!